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Compare our love,your love is so Speak our your love to him/her.意思 how your love's affecting our reality的意思affecting是“深深打动人的”的意思reality是“现实,实际情况”的意思 The little girl is afraid to speak____(公众) The old man is vert ___(友好)to others 这句话的最佳解释是什么?do what is right,even though nobody is doing it;do not do what is wrong,even though everyone is doing it 有句名言求最好的解释~最好是正规的书上给出的答案~SORRY~是:蚁穴虽小,可溃千里长堤。 帮忙解释这些英文句子.最好快.so he is standing near the counter and waiting for says kindly…… The other people were ____and ask:"What are you doing? Why do you do that?"麻烦帮我填一下并且翻译成英文,谢谢! Pig,do not ask,because,other than what you .翻译一下这句话的意思 what other people did you meet in the park 改为同义句 WHAT DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK怎么样 最好把原因解释一下,谢谢! we are looking forward to ( ) to our country . visiting; visit; a visit ; you visit We are all looking forward to visiting your country .为什么用这个visiting 动词 We're looking forward___our home again.A to visit B to a visit to C to visting to D to a visit.B 虽然我也承认B是对的 但是我想听听为什么不可以选C 貌似C也没有什么语法问题吧.抱歉 如果可以我真的很希望给更 we are looking forward to ( )Australia.visit,a visit,a visit to,visiting to.选择填空 we are looking forward 后面为什么跟 to visiting yourhometown?关键是to visiting 为什么跟这个? The little girl was -- by the ---film.(frighten)The child stared at the ---man with a ---expression.(frighten) scary movie “除了你的脚印,什么也别留下.除了将你的记忆,什么也别带走.”这句话的意思是 little yellow而thrilling的movie推荐RT.仅仅恐怖的也行,太经典的不要,应该看过. 除了你的脚印,什么都别留下;除了你的记忆,什么都别带走.写的好不好 海日生残夜,江春入旧年.两句写出了什么生活哲理? 次北固山下海日生残夜,江春入旧年揭示了诗人怎样的生活哲理? 我用Rosetta Stone V3.4.5学英语··学两节后·第三节就需要验证码~·怎么办啊 《次北固山下》中的“海日生残夜,江春入旧年”含有什么哲理? You know I love you dearly the more I'm going away.I'm going to a foreign nation to purchase a plantation "海日生残夜,江春入旧年"揭示的生活哲理请回答! THe more I get to know you THe more I love you 海日生残夜,江春入旧年 生活哲理要简洁 火车上留下的一吻 阅读列车轰隆隆地向前行驶,车厢内拥挤着疲倦的旅客.一个瘦弱的小男孩离开他的父亲,无所顾忌地在大人们的腿一间穿梭了一阵.靠窗口坐着的人(极、 级)不情愿地挪出 《火车上的一吻〉〉精彩阅读:火车上留下的一吻 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------发布时间:2007-2-8 文章摘自:北京作文网 点击次数:2次列车轰隆隆地向前行